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  • stereo removal

    hi guys
    does anyone have any pics or write ups on how to remove a double din media player from a 150, im looking at changing the deck and just wondering how to get it out from the dash

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    I only have experience with a 2015 150, you simply prise out the air con control unit first, this can be done just with your fingers or to start it off if it is a bit stubborn a plastic prising tool made for the job or failing that a flat blade screwdriver with rag rapped around it to protect the dash.
    Once this unit is removed four 10mm headed m6 bolts are revealed, they fix the bracket that holds the head unit in place and the whole thing can be pulled out including the air vents above the head unit.


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      Mine is a 2010 model so might be different if yours is a newer model, but here's my description from an old thread.

      The first thing to do is remove the panel below the stereo that has the aircon controls. Simply grasp it between thumb and forefinger on each side (e.g. above and below the knob at each end) and gently pull it out. I just let it hang down by the wires. The silver panels that run up either side of the stereo and the aircon vents is all one piece. I remove this I put my thumb inside at the bottom on each side, ie. below the hazard light switch, put my fingers on the stereo and it will pop out. This one takes a bit more force than the AC panel. There is one wire that goes to the hazard light switch so just unplug this when you have the panel out.
      2010 GX Turbo Diesel


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        I have a 2010 GX. 1St use a flat plastic tool to lever the aircon facia off. there is 1 plug in the back, unplug it and put aside. Then, get your fingers under the radio surround and give it a sharp pull, there is a plug to the Hazard light, unplug it. Once that is off, the 4 bolts will be exposed. Take them out and unplug the stereo. I put a Kenwood double din head unit in and got the plug and play wiring loom, just plugged it all in and done. I also put an old style antenna on the bull bar because the window antenna is crap. Hope this helps!
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          Much appreciated it no to install new deck and sub and amps and new speakers....big job ahead....sigh the things we do