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Picked up a new 2018 Prado GXL Manual today!

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  • Picked up a new 2018 Prado GXL Manual today!

    I had a 150 in 2015 but as soon as I drove it from the showroom I knew it was a lemon...back and forth about 20 times and they diagnosed a drive train fault that they repaired by installing a dampening device to the thankfully got rid of 80% of the vibration through the steering wheel...the other 20% when I changed tyres. I was a little apprehensive picking this car up and as I drove along the 80km/h zone couldn't feel anything....I literally held my breath as I got to the freeway and approached 100km when in my old Prado the vibrations started. Thankfully, nothing close to a vibration and I can't tell you how happy I was to cruise along at a 110km and feel what my 2015 should of felt from day one.

    This upgraded model is wonderful and while I miss out on the techno pack of an auto, I read enough to feel put off an auto with all the overheating commentary.

    This was a real pleasure to drive and can't wait to hit the roads and see how it goes.

    I also noticed that the DPF had kicked in and I think its been altered now to burn more regularly, I clocked up 300km driving from the dealership and when I got near home I noticed the DPF doing a burn by the increased rpm (upto about 1100km). I could smell the burn off with my window down and stationary but it wasn't offensive or intruding into the cabin with the window shut.

    Overall, really impressed with the latest model and (touch wood) blissful, stress free driving (although I will have to cope with Sydney drivers LOL!)
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