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Flat Tailgate reviews.

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  • Flat Tailgate reviews.

    Hi all,

    Im looking at trading my 2012 glx for a new vx and Iím tempted by the flat tailgate. I like the idea of accessing the rear when Iím backed against a wall or have the trailer on and canít swing the rear door. I understand the loss of the reserve tank but really donít think Iíve ever needed it.

    Are many people speccing new ones with the flat tailgate? Any reviews would be appreciated, Iíve searched through the forums but canít find any.


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    i am also a fan of the flat prado tail gate. should be standard i recokon


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      Nit until you have been on a 5k+ trip that you realise the value of the extra tank! So in city fine, anywhere else it is a handy thing to have.
      D4D. How long will it last?


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        I think it really comes down to what you will be using the Prado for, if your only running around town and the occasional short trip then the flat back option is logical. If your planning to tour out to say Birdsville then down through the Flinders Range before heading home or spending a week on Fraser Island then the normal Prado with the two fuel tanks is the one to choose.
        The two versions are essentially identical apart from range and rear access so very much a personal choice as to which is ďbetterĒ for me the normal Prado suits my usage to a tee!

        02 VX, Toyota Alloy Bar, IPF 900XS with 50 watt HID, 50 mm Lift- Lovell Shocks n Springs, Safari Snorkel, large Pioneer tray, Pioneer In-dash, Alpine roof mount DVD screen -handled the Simpson and Innaminka roads, now with a little TRD blower & Unichip


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          Iííve just recently upgraded old 150 to the new flat tailgate.

          Flat tailgate does make it feel like a ďnewĒ car, hatch great to throw stuff in the boot especially in tight parking lots & in the rain.

          Rear door is really light without the tyre. Parking on hills, door doesnít fly open or slam closing.

          Fuel tank takes a bit of getting used to. I now get about 700km per tank instead of 1100

          Does seem to collect dust a little more on the back.

          Hope this helps
          2010 150 GX D4D Manual with BFG's and nothing else


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            Not sure how many mods you'll be doing but if you have a roofrack and draws it's dead easy to climb onto the roof with the door (stepping up on the draws). You couldn't do it with the flat tailgate. Just something else to consider.