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Auto Folding Mirrors - Aug 2017+ models

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  • Auto Folding Mirrors - Aug 2017+ models

    Hi all,

    I'm about to take delivery of a 2020 GXL and the one feature I note is missing is the auto-folding mirrors. I believe the feature is available on the VX and Kakadu but not the GXL.
    I currently own at 2016 GXL and successfully installed the auto-folding mirror module that was documented in a series of very helpful posts on this site.

    I've searched extensively and can't seem to find any information about how to activate this feature in a facelift GXL. I'm wondering whether a simple switch replacement with a genuine VX version would 'activate' the feature. Toyota parts/service aren't particularly helpful and I think they're throwing it in the 'too hard' basket.

    I park in a lot of tight spaces and this feature is pretty high on my list features that I really want (but don't want to fork out the $$ for a VX). Plus being able to glace back and know the car is locked by the mirror position is incredibly handy.

    I'd be very grateful for any information that could be provided on how to get this feature working in a GXL. Whether by aftermarket mod or genuine switch replacement isn't a concern, I just want it working.


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    Interested where you land on this - I have a Nov 2017 model and whilst the button to fold them is there, there's nothing automatic about it.


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      Originally posted by DanT View Post
      Interested where you land on this - I have a Nov 2017 model and whilst the button to fold them is there, there's nothing automatic about it.
      It appears that there are 2 versions of the mirror selector switch. The version in the GX and GXL toggles between 'Right' and 'Left'. While the VX and Kakadu switch has a third 'Neutral' position in between the 'R' and 'L' options and is denoted with an 'A'. This is the automatic mode whereby when in then neutral/automatic position, the mirrors will fold with the unlock/lock of the vehicle.

      The dealer is actually being very helpful and is trying to determine from Toyota Australia whether swapping out the GX/GXL switch for the VX/Kakadu version can activate the feature - possibly with some minor programming via techstream.

      It is really quite odd that Toyota would provide powered folding mirrors but not link the feature on all models to vehicle lock/unlock - or at least make it a selectable option via the vehicle settings. I could understand if the GX/GXL only came with manual folding mirrors but to have the motors in there and not make use of them doesn't make much sense.

      I'll keep this tread updated with progress.


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        Update from the dealer...

        Unfortunately we can’t do the auto folding mirrors… well technically you could but a very expensive exercise as it isn’t simply changing switch. The GXL mirrors aren’t compatible so they would need to be replaced with VX mirrors which are over $2k each just for the part and then the wiring harness behind the dash also needs to be replaced. Be more cost effective to just get a VX!

        Once the vehicle is delivered I'm going to investigate it further but I'll probably just have to leave it for now. Disappointing.


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          Hi Cortez,

          I'm not sure if the new GXL 2019/20 has a folding mirror as standard. Should have as the older versions have it . if you do have it, which has a button to fold and unfold (only GX dont have it for older models) if you have that feature ,just buy the aftermarket OBD plug in module for auto folding. Cost around 25 to 30 dollars. Even the VX / Kakadu (older models) don't have the auto fold unless you press the fold /unfold button( I have a 2012 VX) Hope this helps. A lot of Prado owners use that already , its a Chinese knock off but it works well ,mine been 6 yrs with no problems.


          Oooops ,I didnt read much of your post as you have the GXL 2016 ,so you already know about the module. Sorry my bad. You should have it , or Toyota is going backwards with Technology .


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            Thanks ceasar m.

            I believe the facelift Prado has a rocker switch to select for folded or unfolded. Unlike the pre-August 2017 models that have a push button switch. I’m not sure of how the electronics work but I have a feeling that the old module, which I have, might not work. In any event, I’ve ordered a knock-off module from aliexpress that purports to support models through to 2020 so I’ll see how that goes when/if it arrives.


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              Hi Cortez

              I know it has been a few months since your post, but I bought an 11/17 GXL in Jan last year. I March I bought a plug and play control module for $99 off ebay. It gives you auto folding mirrors, auto door lock when travelling in drive and also if you hold the door unlock button on your key remote it will wind down all four windows. It hasn't missed a beat since installation.
              Type in 'mirror folding for Prado' in ebay and it should come up.




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                Hi Craig,

                Thanks so much for the info. I can't seem to find the module you mention on eBay. Was it a OBD plug in model? Or did it wire into a harness. If you could post a photo of the eBay item or the unit itself, it would be greatly appreciated.




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                  I just found it. Ignore my previous post.



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                    No worries. I hope it works for you. You can still use your manual mirror switch if you need to. The doors stay locked when the car is in drive, but you can unlock with the switch in the door to letsomeone out or in. I thought I would add a screenshot for the add in case someone else reads this thread.




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