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Anyone add crawl control?

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  • Anyone add crawl control?

    Hello. First time poster. I have a North American Prado ('12 Lexus GX 460). I am currently undertaking a crawl control conversion project. I've seen this done on a 4Runner and Prados in Russia. I have long thread over at this link with details. I will be swapping the Driving Support Computer as well as replacing the DAC switch with an alternate stock switch that houses the crawl controls. There are some long threads on pre-refresh models years back on Russian sites but haven't seen anyone talk much more about it. It will be an experiment and worst case I revert back to the DAC setup. In North America a GX 460 can be optioned with crawl control but in US it lacks MTS. However Canadian models with crawl control include MTS. It may come down to the skid control ECU causing me to hit the project wall so to speak but we will see.

    Anyone here consider doing the same on model without it? It has potential to be a relatively cheap mod.

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    Alright, I'll be watching this closely as it is something that bugged me when we bought the car. We don't even get the chance to option some of these from new over here.

    if it is easy to change an ecu and switch then enable it I'll be in.

    cheers, Nova


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      Activated Crawl Control. MTS is second part of project but the Driver Support Computer model I obtained should enable that. Details in thread I posted.


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        Successful addition of MTS as well with options showing in settings to add front and wide view camera monitor system


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          Another crawl control option activated with less than $20 (USD) in parts on US GX 460. -