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  • Rear Table

    I've been looking to make myself a small table to fit in the back door of the car for a while, but i love things to look as Factory as possible.
    Being an architect and a perfectionist doesnt help my cause much either. :S

    So after a few drinks over some sketches I came up with the the below.

    I got myself a piece of scrap aluminium from a steel shop and spent some time cutting it out with an angle grinder.
    The hinges are 25mm kitchen cabinet hinges that lift the table out and away meaning that I didnt have to trim the plastic.
    As the plastic is quiet thick in this area, it should hold well enough.
    I pop riveted the hinges to the Al and used some rope eyelets and a tautline knot with 3mm rope to hold the table in place.
    I glued the aluminium to the existing door panel with heavy duty liquid nails.

    I'm super happy with it. You'd never know it was there and it works a treat.
    The original latches hold it close as well.

    It's not made for prepping food on, but i did throw the drill, a smallish tool bag and a 2lt water bottle on it. Held it no worries.

    Just thought i'd share.

    Now onto the next project.


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    Mate, that looks super nice, great job. I love my rear door table, its so handy.
    150 GXL - ARB bar, Winch, 9" spots, rhino rack, 32" LED bar, Snorkel, 2" lift, AT's, Dual batts, UHF, 40L fridge, KAON cargo barrier - rear door table


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      Just monitor how the liquid nails goes, it's a terrible product that cracks easily. If you find the aluminium starts lifting away, use a polyurethane glue like sikaflex.
      Looks great though! Nice and neat!
      <Rob> '12 Prado GX -


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        Very nice job. Will be very useful, have a full width table in mine and gets used a lot when travelling.
        [B]Dave[/B] - 2010 Silver GXL Prado 150 TD Manual.


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          Wow, nice job. I keep my snatched strap I'm there, fits perfectly as long as it is rolled up the right way.

          Cheers, Nova


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            14 months on mate, have you had any trouble with it?


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              Hey Hugsie . Nah mate, not an issue at all mate. I'm using it all the time mate. Still the best bang for buck.


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                Sweet b1nelly, I'm halfway thru making one myself. Just a question, did you have to trim the 3 locating tabs off the bottom of the panel. I can't see a way around it on mine as they don't allow the panel to sit flat.