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Prado dash accessory rail, "Bronco" style

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  • Prado dash accessory rail, "Bronco" style

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    Inspired by the new Bronco, I've installed a RAM Tough-track on the dash of my Prado 150. Very happy with the result. Sharing some info for those who might want to copy ...

    I used the 9" Tough-Track (RAP-TRACK-A9U, $15). It fits nicely on top of the central air vents in my 2011 Prado.

    As the dash has a slight curve, I added some rubber under the track to fill the gap. My installation involved drilling holes in the dash (I plan on keeping the car for a long time, so I don't care about holes). I used M5x20mm round head bolts with a spring washer and some loctite to ensure the nuts don't come loose.

    Installation is easy if you know how to disassemble the dash - in my case, remove the AC/Heater pod (it pulls straight out), undo four 10mm bolts holding the SatNav in place, then pull the satnav and vent covers out. Disconnect all the plugs, and you can do the drilling/installation of the tough-track on the workbench.

    With the Tough-Track rail, you purchase the 1" Ball Track Base T-Bolts (RAP-B-354U-TRA1, $18 each) which simply hand tighten to the track. Then add whatever RAM arms and accessories you want. I purchased mounts for a GoPro, Camera and Garmin device, plus a couple of plates for mounting of things like the UHF mic (and yes, I am planning to get a better UHF radio!)

    There's a very small amount of flex (very, very small) because the entire dash up there is plastic. I probably wouldn't use this rail to mount a heavy tablet computer (I have an Industrial Evolution mount for that purpose, which is awesome). But for the UHF radio, Go Pro, Garmin or other accessories, it's fantastic.

    The track was about $15, and each mount costs perhaps $40-$50 by the time you buy the track base ball, double-socket arm and accessory mount. The track is long enough to hold perhaps four accessories.

    By the way, with the radio pulled out, the 'speaker grill' on top of the dash also comes out. In my Prado (150 Altitude), there is a small speaker under the grill. Quite a bit of room under there; I plan to install a USB socket in the space, which will be behind the Tough-Track. This will make it very neat to power any accessories I have mounted on the rail.
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