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150 Suspension measurements.

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  • Does anyone have measurements for Icon Stage 1?


    • Got my suspension sorted out it handles great now
      800 front toyo55c
      830 rear toyo56b

      Petrol v6
      Ironman foam Cell Pro Shocks
      Arb winch bullbar smitty winch and spotties


      • Hi all, had OME 50mm kit fitted today on my 21,000km old 2016 GXL.
        I have a TJM T13 Outback bar, 9kg of spotties, 25kg second battery (N70T) and no winch.

        Here are the supplied part numbers and before and after height measurements:

        740mm Before
        785mm After

        770mm Before
        840mm After w/15 PSI in airbags
        830mm After w/5 PSI in airbags

        Spring P/N 2885 (Bar)
        Shock P/N 90010

        Spring P/N 2889 (Medium)
        Shock P/N 60080
        Firestone Airbag CR5034

        So I've only really driven it home but so far feels great. I am a little disappointed that the 50mm lift kit only gets me 35mm above factory height in the front, even before the expected 10mm sag after wearing in.

        I think I'll take it back and ask for the 2887 spring (Bar & Winch) in the front. The suspension database shows these as same spring rate as the 2885 just 5mm longer, which after accounting for geometry should get me 10-15mm extra height without any extra stiffness. I did discuss selection with sales guy prior and he was pretty adamant the 2885 would give me 50mm above standard factory height.

        Also the firestone airbags have been installed without high pressure sleeves. Is this a necessity or an added extra I didn't ask for? My initial quote I noted down CR5034HP but invoice has ACR5034.

        To complete the trifecta I paid for rear stone guards and they neglected to fit them!

        Any feedback appreciated...


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          • Updating measurements after changing front springs to 2887's. Slightly higher, but still not at that magic 800mm mark. It was when first installed but has since sagged. Possibly small spacers down the track...

            OME 50mm kit 23,000km old 2016 GXL.
            TJM T13 Outback bar, 9kg of spotties, 25kg second battery (N70T) and no winch.

            Supplied part numbers and before and after height measurements:

            740mm Before
            790mm After

            770mm Before
            840mm After w/15 PSI in airbags
            830mm After w/5 PSI in airbags

            Spring P/N 2887 (Bar & Winch)
            Shock P/N 90010

            Spring P/N 2889 (Medium)
            Shock P/N 60080
            Firestone Airbag CR5034

            Handling streets above OEM. Can't compare against any other alternatives though.
            Highly recommend airbags, keep 5-10PSI for round town then load up to 25-30PSI to restore height and performance for fully loaded touring. Perfect. HP version would have been good future proofing for towing.


            • Suspension measurements.

              hi guys.

              Before drivers front 745mm
              Before passenger front 740mm

              new dobinsons winch bar and winch, dual batteries.

              Front struts were bilstein Hilux type so 16mm longer. D563
              Springs - Kings KTFR 101HT tapered and progressive a new design.

              Rear shocks were the revalved Bilsteins that Jim from quadrant had done the R&d on.
              Rear springs - Kings KTPR 102 progressive spring rate.

              After measurements
              After front drivers 815mm
              After front passenger 810mm

              After rear passenger 840mm, both sides.
              It also needed the rear sway bar extension links.

              On the front a little too high for my liking, would have preferred around 790mm. the struts are ok, but some reservations by fitting guys on the steering rack (on limit) when on hoist. recommended full lock when on hoist to extend rack arms. tie rod ends as well an issue.
              from a wheel alignment perspective, all within factory specs fro camber etc.
              If I had my time again I would have gone with same struts and the King spring KTFR 101T, this is same tapered design but slightly shorter.
              2012 Prado 150, 200 TTD, Nissan patrol 3lt TDDI, plus off road bikes


              • My 2010' Kakadu Suspension Measurements:

                TJM Winch Bar
                9" LED Spots
                TJM Snorkel
                Flat Roofrack
                42" LED Light Bar F&R 196,000km.

                Before 2" Lift:

                Neutral Setting:
                FRONT: 755mm LF | 745mm RF (10mm lean)
                REAR: 810mm LR | 785mm RR (25mm lean) ?

                Low Setting:
                REAR: 785mm LF | 770mm RF (15mm lean) ?

                High Setting:
                REAR: 845mm LR | 825mm RR (20mm lean) ?

                After 2" Lift (Bilstein Struts, Dobinsons Front Coils, tricked rear AirBag

                Neutral Setting:
                FRONT: 825mm LF | 825mm RF (no lean!! Yay!)
                REAR: 885mm LR | 875mm RR (10mm lean)

                Low Setting:
                REAR: 865mm LR | 855mm RR (10mm lean)

                High Setting: Have not attempted this as I have tricked the airbags to be the correct height at neutral.
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                [B]2009 150 D4D Kakadu[/B] | Ebony Blue | TJM Winch Bar


                • Wow alot of info my brain hurts!! I have a a lot of choice and the more I read the worse it gets. I have a choice of TJM, ARB, Iron man, and Fulcrum (Bilsteins & kings). I think I will be going for the Bilstein and king in heavy front medium rear.
                  I have Steel ARB deluxe bar (will have winch and duel battery soon enough).

                  Looking for a 2" lift am I going for the right way about it.
                  I do mostly high way stuff and get out on the beach on the weekends with a a trip or two away each year. I am gearing up for a cape trip though so it needs to be right.

                  cheers for any help in advance.


                  • Hey guys, just had 2" Dobinsons gas shocks and coils installed. 2013 GX with 140,000km on it

                    Gear: Dual battery, bullbar, winch, scrub bars, side steps, steel roof rack, rooftop tent, rear drawers full of tools.

                    Part numbers don't have much info other than DOBTOY-82

                    Front 730mm
                    Rear 750mm

                    Front 790mm
                    Rear 830mm

                    So got 60mm lift at the front and 80mm lift at the back. Was only fitted last week so I expect that to settle a bit.

                    Rides well, not too stiff, not too soft. Was $1400 installed

                    <Rob> '12 Prado GX -


                    • For reference, I measured a brand new 150 GXL, standard with leather seats on the showroom floor the other day.

                      Front: 760mm
                      Rear: 800mm
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                      • I just got some Bilstein struts and Dobinson Springs put on my 2016 VX. Front ride height looked very high and after I measured it I was seeing 840mm-850mm with a slight lean to the drivers side (somewhat expected). So after a call to Zordo he quickly discovered that the spring seat was put on upside down. If anyone goes to a mechanic and the suspension comes back looking like this, make sure you take it straight back and get them to turn that spring seat up the right way! Thanks Zordo for your support.


                        • I have a superior engineering lift and I only have around 810 at the back and 800 at the front on 275s

                          with a steel number and steel rear bumper with dual tyre carrier.


                          • Just re read this whole thread. I have Whitey's suspension on my 2016 GX and it is still sensational after 30000km which includes 15000 km of very heavily laden desert and outback roads. BUT there is an issue with the back springs which are Dobinsons 327. After all of this laden travel the back is still at 850- 860mm ie too high. The unladen ride is ok. The root of the problem I think is that my 5 seat GX is about 100kg lighter than a GXL and all of this difference is in the back so the 327s are great loaded but too much spring unloaded. I also have a set of 325s which I swap in between trips but this is an ongoing pain. My question is will the 325s with airbags .do the same excellent job laden as the 327s? The 325s sit at 830 mm unladen but don't carry weight as well as the 327s.
                            I had Polyairs on my 120 with OME medium springs but the ride unladen was a bit harsh (both the 327s and 325s ride better). Any experience on here with 325s with air bags with regard to laden performance and unladen ride. Thoughts? Any air bag better than the others? (I had zero problems with the Polyairs over 6 years and 100000kms)


                            • I have only used polyairs but I prefer the blue ones now. Stainless fittings and higher pressure rating.
                              My 150 build -


                              • What a fantastic read....

                                2012 d gxl.TJM T13 bullbar, with winch, second batt..

                                Strut is Billstein with sticker denoting F4-be5-a712-M2 typ 2/-
                                Spring is a kings ktfr-101h

                                Cant see any of the height adjustable grooves so suspect it's on the lowest. Pretty sure aftermarket strut top caps (unsure of brand), no spacer.

                                Btm of rim to guard is 800mm.
                                Extends out to 885 at full droop, which is great although whats stopping any further travel is the oem uca hitting the spring on both sides of the car.
                                Havent taken the springs out to see if it will droop anymore but just worried about the pressure im putting on my springs... ?

                                I'm thinking I should do the spring rotate I have read about to see how much is left in the droop...

                                Is my geometry adding up as it should and maybe my struts are only mm's away from topping out?