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Doesn't take much to max out GVM

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  • Doesn't take much to max out GVM

    About 6 months ago I upgraded my 150 GXL 2014 D4D with a 50mm OME lift, ARB Deluxe bullbar, winch, driving lights and dual battery. ARB recommended appropriate springs etc for the weight of bullbar etc. I also took out the 3rd row seats and added some draws I knocked up from plywood. Recently I added a flat steel roofrack.

    Unfortunately, all this gear has taken me close to the GVM for the 150 of 2990 kg. I took it on a weighbridge with a fridge and a moderate load of stuff, full fuel tank and it came in at 2690 kg. 300 kg off max. Add me, the family and a full load for a trip and the Prado would likely be over the max. Forget about trying to tow anything.

    I contacted ARB to see about upgrading the GVM, various manufactures do this, but not OME for a Prado!

    So after upgrading my car with all their gear, and loading it up for a trip, it seems the car would not likely be legal? So to take trips in the vehicle as modified (without a massive diet), I think I need to change suspension! I got some quotes to take the GVM to 3500 kgs but with engineers cert it looks like being close to $4k.

    Which begs the question why don't ARB/OME provide a GVM upgrade for arguably the most popular 4WD in Australia they sell a bunch of other gear for which could then likely make the car illegal? Why wasn't I told when I bought the gear? Am I missing something?

    For what I found to be a great explanation of GVM GCM etc check out this link in it, the point is made and am not sure how valid it is, but apart from potential loss of insurance the author raised the point that if a vehicle is knowing driven over the legal weight and is involved in a crash where there is a fatality, there is the potential for criminal charges. Again, I don't know if this is true and would depend on the circumstance, but for me with potential loss of insurance, its a major concern.

    It seems if you are upgrading your vehicle (the Autoexpert article suggested there is an average 600 kgs margin between unmodified kerb weight and GVM for most 4WDs e.g. Cruisers, Rangers, Navaras etc) you should seriously consider getting a GVM upgrade or you could be wasting a lot of cash and potentially putting yourself in strife, or am I missing something?

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    Yeah I find it really wierd that the 150 diesels have such a low payload. Similar to Landcruisers where technically you pretty much can't carry any extra weight once you've got full tanks of fuel, passengers, a bull bar and roof rack. Forget luggage... That'll put you over. The payload in my 90 series is nearly double what yours is. For my model it's about 960kg. Ive come damn near close to it a few times too on long trips.

    The extra cost of buying a new diesel covers the extra over of those costly injectors pretty much, but you'd think they'd have a seperate spec chassis for the diesel variant where they thicken the profile of the chassis rails a tad on them, weld an extra cross member to increase the payload and further strengthen shock mounts & so forth so that you're not too disadvantaged compared to a Petrol for the payload given that many people would specifically buy a diesel for towing, carrying the loads, etc. But that would make too much common sense.
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    98 GXL 3.4L V6: TJM 2" lift, Airtec snorkel, TJM T15 steel bull bar, T-Max winch, 32in MT's, 4 x breathers & some other stuff, ODO = 385,000km.


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      Old thread, but... the other frustrating part with ARB is that they won't tell you what any of their gear weighs - including the bars! Yet we need to stay within limits...

      I'm like you - we may even have two lookalike vehicles! The only think I don't have is the dual battery - that's where my (ARB) air compressor is. With a full tank and me, I'm at 2642kg's (I weigh 88Kg's). I am guessing your drawers must weigh a fair bit. I'm at the point of buying small, lightweight hiking stuff, which is kind of cool. 2 x armchairs that were 5.8Kg's each, swapped out for some Helinox ones that weigh 960 grams each - and I love them. Same with the 12Kg stretchers x 2. (swapped for 1.45Kg one's). It's almost fun... but annoying at the same time. Would love an additional 200 - 300Kg's and am probably going to replace the suspension once this one's worn with one that matches a GVM upgrade.


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        Some of the hardest facts to find are these
        what was the build weight of your car?
        what is the front Axle weight of your car?
        What is the rear Axle weight of your car?
        why has you car been de-rated in this country?
        what is the maximum load that the Front & Rear axle can take? ( this one gets the load rating, E.G: to get a 4.5T load rating on a shackle, it must pass that load by 1.5 times it's capacity)

        i have the 120 series GXL with rear air con, full air bags, i asked my built weight (using my vin & build number) they told me 1975kg, the factory brochure says 2350kg
        they can't tell me my factory weight of the front axle ( we weighed a stock standard GXL (without rear air) and it weighed 1100kg (and the car was nearly empty of fuel) without us in it
        with us in it it weighed it weighed 1270kg , total weight of the car was 2150kg (no passengers, very little fuel)
        now work the sums backwards
        tyres we run (265/65/17) BFG alterains load capacity 1500kg, after market suspension kit has greater load capacity , and our front axle is max at 1290 divided by 2 = 645kg per wheel less than half of what the tyre is capable of carrying

        put that in persective
        2900kg GVM - 8 x 70kg for passengers = 560kg = 2340kg - 160kg for fuel = 2180kg that is 30kg under weight of a std GXL without rear air, but your front axle is over & no way can you tow anything
        2900kg GVM - 2 x passengers 200kg = 2700kg - 160kg fuel = 2540kg - 220kg for ball weight of van = 2320kg gives you 170kg of load, but your front axle is over

        now add the 200kg that the rest of them are weighing and basically your over weight

        now do the sums on a 200 series with a load capacity of 550kg, 300kg for ball weight, 140kg for fuel, 100kg for driver , your misses better be driving the other car unless she weighs 10kg
        as for the 200 every other country in the world has the 3800kg GVM, but we have the 3350GVM, and people are paying thousands to have them upgraded when they are already capable

        sorry my little bug got the better of me ( i am under GCM with the van but over on GVM with the van because i like to improve the carrying capacity & the safety of my toy)
        2008 Dune D4D manual GXL update - with lots of fruit !! + Roma Razorback Off Road Van


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          Yep. I've had cause recently to go looking at the Y62 Patrol and wondered why the Ti was an 8 seater, the Ti-L was a 7-seater and was told it's because the extra 40-odd kilo's in the Ti-L means it won't be able to carry 8 passengers and be under GVM... whats more, there's a limit of 80Kg additional forward of the front axle, which means ARB Bars are out because they refuse to tell anyone how much it weighs. They'll fit them, and you'll see them around - but not so much anymore. When my Prado one weighs over 80Kg's (additional, so that's with the bits taken off) then there's no way the larger, wider and deeper Patrol one would be less than that.

          If I had my time again, I'd go a TJM or (maybe) ARB alloy Bar, just to save the weight (how much on ARB is anyones guess again - they just claim a % better than the all-steel one!).

          Interesting that the LC200 has 3800GVM in other countries - I didn't know that! How bleeping ridiculous.


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            I'd put money on the fact that there'd be something in the ADR that prevent them from having that higher GVM here- Same sort of thing that allow you to fit 37 inch tyres to 4wd's in Thailand and Singapore etc.


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              You can get GVM upgrade pretty easily i thought. Fairly sure they're available at a lot of places. Obviously it costs money and you have to actually get some hardware upgrades like new suspension.


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                Towball weight measurement device built into tow hitch
                155 SX with dual battery and Polyairs in the rear springs..


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                  Related question. I too have Whitey"s suspension and am currently packing to leave next week for a Simpson trip up along the Colson. Madigan and Hay River tracks. I am very conscious of the amount of weight eg. 270 l of fuel, 50 l of water etc so am looking to cut down where possible. eg rear seats came out today [40+ kg on GX]. The question is re. suspension spares. I have 2 assembled struts and 2 rear shocks in the mix.. On previous desert trips -CSR and Simpson I carried spares but never used them- good. Should I take no suspension spares, 2 of each or 1 of each? The current suspension has done less than 6000 km.


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                    Anyone? What suspension spares do you carry on a rough desert trip ,if any?


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                      I've never done any extended driving in the desert- I think that 2 of each is a bit overkill, particularly because yours are so new- I'd be wary of the extra weight you're carrying around, I'm sure you'd have other things that you'd rather have in the car for the weight and space that they take. I'd probably for peace of mind go and see Zordo (or your local suspension shop) before you leave and just get them to tripple check everything is okay, much easier to tighten a bolt on a hoist than it is to find that something let go and is now smashed into oblivion. As a follow on I'd also make sure I have all the tools to do basic maintenance on them- The correct size sockets, pliers etc.

                      I follow an Aussie bloke on Youtube called Ronny Dahl- He lives in WA and is basically spends all his time touring in his 70 series. I've linked two videos below that really helped me plan for when I went remote for the first time. Ronny is really down to earth, switched on and there's no bullshit- Think of him like a rough version of Pat Callahan- minus the RM dress boots, jeans and long sleeved shirt.

                      Suitable Tools:

                      Suitable Spare Parts:


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                        As near as I can tell Lovells have the only compliant GVM Upgrade for the Prado 150.
                        I have it on my new Prado, just make sure you get the sway bar spacers installed as well.
                        Taken the vehicle on a few tracks, it has good clearance and as an added bonus it drives relatively smoothly over corrugations.