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Lovells GVM and 3100kg BTC upgrade - MY16 Prado 150

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  • Lovells GVM and 3100kg BTC upgrade - MY16 Prado 150

    Has anyone had a good or otherwise experience with the GVM and 3100kg BTC upgrade by Lovells?

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    I have recently had the Lovells GVM Upgrade plus compliance plate (to 3500Kg) to my new 2018 Prado GXL.I got a decent lift and it rides smoothly over corrugations.

    Drove the Googs Track a few weeks ago. A couple of hundred Kms over 300 sand dunes.
    The stock Pajero driving with me had a hell of a rough time over the corrugations, I hardly noticed them in my Prado.
    However the front sway bar was touching the front struts and donged into the RHS spring on the deeper moguls.

    There is a swaybar spacer that Lovells have that corrects the problem and it doesn't cost much.
    I wound up getting it installed for free due to their remiss of what is a known issue.

    The right is quite smooth over medium level corrugations. I haven't done the Gibb yet tho'.


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      I just read an article from Pat Callinan that said ADR are going to stop allowing suspension upgrades about the middle of this year. It said on new vehicles so not sure if that means I can still do my 2011 150.


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        This appears to be a ban on GCM upgrades not GVM upgrades.


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          Does anyone know if suspension upgrade on 2011 ,150 series [to increase towing capacity to 3000kg from 2500kg ] is still legal ? In nsw , going to book in august 2018, tnx also is there any info on rms website . John b 66


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            I recently had both the GVM and the BTC upgrade to my MY14 GXL, the GVM last December and the BTC in July.
            The GVM upgrade with a 2" lift has been great,
            The BTC problematic
            The main problem was I was getting for a boat trailer which, in hindsight, I discovered can be a problem.
            Two main potential issues for boat trailers I found:

            1 The Stage 2 kit (for tow ball weights 250kg to 270kg) with weight distribution system appears designed for a caravan trailers with 'A' frames, If you have a single draw bar for a boat the kit won't fit. Lovell's advised to get a Hayman Reecse boat adaptor but make sure your draw bar is suitable for this!

            2 For the BTC upgrade to be compliant, the supplied "5T All-terrain" hitch must also be fitted to the trailer, or the BTC reverts to 2.5T. The All-terrain hitch is wider than a normal trailer boat hitch and may not fit all trailer draw bars. It won't fit my trailer...

            So if you are getting the BTC for boats, I'd advise triple checking the hitch system is compatible with your trailer before going to the expense of the BTC upgrade.