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  • Suspension Upgrade - Newbie

    Hi guys

    I have read through the post, more confused now than when I started. There is a lot of great information, but I know nothing
    about suspension.

    I have a stock 2010 Kakadu (Petrol) that I just picked up a few months ago. The vehicles behaviour needs to be transformed
    into a sensationally comfortable and stable vehicle to drive.

    My issues are;

    - Thumping from the rear bump stops
    - Diving under breaking
    - Bouncing in the front
    - Steering light and No road feel

    As a location scout for the film industry I travel everywhere and require the vehicle to tackle most conditions, but nothing insane.
    But saying that, I also need to cater to the snobby clients that venture out with me.

    At present it has a Toyota full alloy bar and BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tyres. I am not sure if I should go about a 2" lift, as that
    may become too high for some to enter and exit.

    I have seen that people are going for;

    Dobinsons Coils, Bilstein Shocks
    Fox Shocks
    Icon Shocks

    I have been recommended to go for coil-over shocks with a low speed compression adjuster ???

    I am based on the Goldy, would be up for a catch up, chat or any advice.


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    Maaaaate, your post caught my eye coz i'm in the same boat as you! 2013 Kakadu owner, a newbie also, and looking to upgrade my suspension. Mine's not worn out tho, just looking for a lift in preparation for a cape york trip.

    I would guess you have the airbag suspension in the rear like mine, and all your symptoms sound like you have no suspension in the rear. I'd check if the airbags are inflating, could be a failure in the airbag/s or could be a failure in the onboard compressor? I'm no mechanic tho just my 2 cents worth.

    Regarding upgrading....I've read a few posts from people who used for airbag suspension upgrades, otherwise I think it's also possible to do away with the airbags altogether and change the rear suspension over to coils and shocks. I couldn't recommend one over the other tho.....I'm still learning myself.

    Personally i'm leaning towards a 2-inch lift from airbagman but i'm still doing my research.

    Good luck mate!


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      Hi Enlit1

      I just had Toyota check everything, they claim its fine.

      On new tar she is smooth, but once you hit a bump, its like she is going to fall apart.

      Thanks for your advice.


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        Hey Immotion. Many rave about about John at Zordo's 4WD suspension in QLD. Apparently very friendly, helpful and will advise what is best for your needs.
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          Can highly advise John Zordo, he fitted my 150 a few weeks ago and I'm really happy with it. Trust me when I say that Suspension is one thing you just want done right the first time (speaking from experience- check out my build thread for details).


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            Thanks guy's

            I will contact John and let you know how I go.

            Thanks again


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              If you're hitting the bumpstops, your shocks could be on Comfort mode or failing. What are your suspension heights? Bottom of rim to wheel arch?
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                How much is there involved with just ripping the airbags out? If you're not towing then it might be easier to just remove them- I've never been a big fan of them, it's just another thing to break and if you're not really using them you might be better off without them. In saying that, not sure how those kakas are wired up/ how it works with KDSS etc. John will be able to run you through your options and advise what's best for you. My experience with my prado is that the ride is firmer with the lift, it's not what I'd call "harsh" and it rides much better over the rough stuff. The lift has given it better "turn in" feel, but I do feel small imperfections in the road that I didn't before - Not really surprising since Toyota springs them like boats from factory.