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Upgrade before tackling Cape York

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  • Upgrade before tackling Cape York

    I am planning a trip to Cape York later in the year. Planning to do the Creb and Bloomfield tracks before heading to the cape via the Old Telegraph Track. Will be towing a Mars Spirit trailer that weighs around 1600 kg fully laden and travelling in convoy with a Landcruiser and a Landrover. Still have the original suspension fitted but with air bags fitted to the rear springs. In need of some advice re a suspension upgrade.

    1. Will it be necessary for such a trip?
    2. If so, shocks and springs or just shocks?
    3. Recommendations for various models/brands to do the job.
    4. Apart from the obvious snorkel and bra, any other must have modifications I need?

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    Tyres and suspension are worth upgrading- Otherwise you'll be the grader for everyone behind you. I'd replace both shocks and springs. There are numerous threads on here about which suspension is the best- I personally have Bilstein shocks and Dobinson coils and find them to be a great upgrade from stock. A lot of people are having good experiences with the Dobinsom MRR shocks though. The important thing is that either will be a much better choice than the stock units.


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      As above. If the originals have done 40000+ they will be stuffed and if they haven't done that much they will be after the Cape corrugations.


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        All terraine or mud tyres would be very helpful if you intend to do the Tele track or the Kreb. I may see you up there
        Greg - 08 D4D Prado,
        Some trips done - Cape York, Fraser Island, Simpson Desert / Central Aust, Vic High Country.


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          Some spare axles for the Landrover


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            Maybe see if the Landrover can tow a car trailer with an 80/100/GU patrol on the back so when it shits itself halfway up the tele track you can just park it in the bush, throw a match in it and drive away


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              The creb track and Bloomfield roads basically cover the same territory heading north until Wujal Wujal albeit the creb track is further inland. Both have some quite steep assents / descents. Bloomfield Track has concrete paving on the two steepest ascents headed north and is a better maintained track and sealed through cape tribulation. As far as a bra is concerned itís all relative to when youíre leaving . Thereís only a few crossings on the OTT that are deep like Nolanís but again is all relative to when you go. Canít hurt taking one. Nolanís always has a reasonable depth of water even in later stages of the dry. You wonít have any issues towing the camper along the PDR. Youíre going to get stuck along the the OTT but winch snatch strap etc you get you thru. Palm creek the first crossing is always chopped up on both banks donít be the first thru.and make sure old mate ahead of you doesníít drag up too much water up the banks

              i just did a basic lift 2inch and had Mickey Thompson 265/75/16 ATZ p3 .. probably get by with stock as long as you donít flog it but you might level some sand hills between the tracks in some areas

              north of the archer river river on the PDR is usually crap with corrugations.. but the right tyre pressure softens the blow.have fun. Ps punsand bay is the best camping ground up there by far
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