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Hello from the USA with GX460 lift question...equivalent to Kakadu?

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  • Hello from the USA with GX460 lift question...equivalent to Kakadu?

    Hello everyone. I have a 2014 Lexus GX460 and planning for a mild lift, 2". I am about to order the airbagman 2" lift for the air spring. Also looking for the rest of the suspension for this lift but have questions. I like to use OME BP51 but not sure which SKU/component to use. Has anyone use this combo on the Kakadu? Does anyone know if the parts direct fit the GX460? BTW, my wife is from Maroubra in NSW and i have been to Sydney many times. I love your country and plan to be back soon.

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    Not sure mate, I understand that the kakas and Lexus's are harder and more expensive to lift than the normal versions without KDSS/ Airbags. Have a look on ARB's aussie website and go through the part checker to see which ones are suitable for you- There's an online catalogue you can download which lists all the applicable models and which parts suit which.


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      ARB List for Kakadu


      As you stated you will need the airbag man kit as well

      ARB can be hard work at times as they ď donít ď do a Kakadu kit but itís only because they do not make the longer bags

      front is no different any KDSS prado and the only difference in the rear is bags in place of springs.

      The rear part numbers are actually the same for all prado models but you donít order the springs ( I didnít list them )


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        Thanks guys. I decided to go with Radflo 2.5" system with external reservoir and adjusters. I ordered their springs as well but still thinking about airbagman kit. Has anyone have experience with these kit with 2" lifts?


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          seeing as your in the US , you should have looked at the King Shocks
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            So you think Kings is that much better than Radflo? I have ordered rear shocks and strings from Radflow but still deciding on the fronts. I am also still debating about the airbagman 2" air bag system.


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              I think king are better than radflow.

              the 2Ē lifted airbag man Kit is good just follow there instructions correctly and you wonít have a drama, you need to be mindful of the open rear shock length they should not exceed 620mm if you using airbag man kit