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OME suspension too stiff..need advice

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  • OME suspension too stiff..need advice

    Hi All
    Recently (10,000kms ago) installed an OME inch 2 lift on my 150 gxl. I do a bit of beach fishing so wanted the extra clearance.

    It goes great offroad, but is very stiff onroad. You can feel every bump on the bitumen and now the wife is complaining a fair bit. Need to do something about it but don't want to lose the lift.

    I installed the following.
    springs 2885
    shocks 90010

    rear springs 2889
    shocks 60080

    When driving around town, she is generally not loaded with any extras. I will be installing a dual battery in few months. A winch is on the bucket list.

    Do I just need to add a bit of extra weight when driving around town (good excuse for some rear drawers!!). Or should Iook at replacing springs or shocks with something a little less stiff?

    I haven't been back to the ARB shop yet as I wanted to do a bit research etc beforehand. Any advice much appreciated.

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    springs are too heavy, so when not loaded is to harsh, but when traveling, it is a nice ride.

    happens every day, and very hard to get it comfortable in both situations, as a lighter spring has more comfort, but will sag once loaded


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      I donít think itís the springs, those 885s at the front are the same rate as mine. In fact they are a 120 Prado spring and the rear 889 coil is the most compliant of the OME range.

      I hear a lot of people complain about OME being too stiff and I suspect itís the valving on their sport shock that is too harsh.
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        Similar problem, harsh ride and wife complaining wit OME suspension. I took a moment to check tyre pressures and they were 41psi. The book says 29 so I compromised at 32. Now the ride is perfect and the wife is happy.