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    Hey so I have a question that is more or less out of interest. I'm pretty sure I've read every post there is on here about KDSS and the kakadu lean but haven't come across an answer to this.

    When you order KDSS specific springs or assembled struts they are different lengths, with the drivers side being longer. The stock suspension is also longer on the drivers side. So I'm assuming that the aftermarket company has designed the spring length this way to match the factory setup. Now if a stock setup generates a lean, even thought the strut is longer on the drivers side, then why would an aftermarket setup with the same amount of difference in length correct the lean? Unless these companies are already aware of the lean and have actually made the drivers side spring 16mm longer instead of just 10mm longer as per factory (very doubtful).

    I guess the reason I'm asking is that in all the 'KDSS lean' posts, someone always asks if the correct differing length front struts have been installed. Are they simply asking this to get a better overall picture of the car for diagnosis purposes, because as far as I can surmise the KDSS specific springs aren't actually a 'fix' for the lean.

    Also, my kakadu is still leaning after I undid the valves and shook the shit out of it