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Another lift kit question !

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  • Another lift kit question !

    I’ll be adding a few accessories soon bull bar side steps etc already have drawers and dual battery

    ill be going with Zordos dobinson/ Bilstein kit and will try install my self .

    he supplies 10mm spacer for rear sway bar links But he can supply a 30mm extended link am I better getting these ?

    also seen superior enginering sell a ball joint adjustable link for the front and also a spacer for the front too? Should I be looking at any of these for the front too ? Will it help at all ? Do I need these ?The shocks will have long travel

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    I’d go for the 30mm longer rear links rather than the spacer, cos you prob need more than 10mm, and if the spacer option, you’ll run out of thread and also wont be able to tighten the top nut correctly.

    the offset spacer should work ok on the front.


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      Is the spacer for the rear sway bar or the front?

      You might find that you'll need one for the front sway bar.
      The front sway bar can wind up very close to the base of the front spring on the lifted strut.


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        The spacer is for the rear links. the 10mm spacer work just fine. 30mm links are a better option but more money.
        The front sway bar is fine when using Bilsteins
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