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Who has upgraded their Tyres on a VX or Kakadu?

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  • Just had a day out on the tracks and they tick all the boxs. no rubbing no traction lights, Handled it all extremely well. Sort of like the look of the ZR wheels too
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    • Hi all, currently running 275/65/18 on my 2011 VX with out any issues, Was looking at upgrading to a set of MT. Looking at a set of Federal Tyre's.

      Is any one running these or anyone know if l will have issues with fitting these. ( cant afford tyre's and rims to drop down to 17)



      • Hi all. Picking up a 2018 VX in a couple of weeks and would like to replace the stock tyres with BFG AT KO2s. Has anyone tried fitting 265/65R18s to the new model, without a lift?

        The 65s are $50 cheaper than the 60s on Tyresales at the moment, and extra bit of loft they'll give will be welcome.


        • I have just had 285/60/18 BFG KO2 on my 2014 Kakadu , no problems and looks the goods. No lift yet


          • Hey, just a question to the guys who have fit BFG 2KO's 265/65/18, can anyone confirm if the spare wheel cover fits over these? 2018 VX getting them put on and want to keep the cover.


            • Hi All,

              Good day.
              Ive been reading this thread and it seems like there is no mention of the size that i want. I have a 2014 Kakadu with r18 rims. I want to upgrade to a taller tyre and i dont have a lift kit (that will be for the near future).
              With people saying they put 275/65 r18 and 285/60 r 18, and seems like they dont have an issue with it, have anyone tried to put on 265/70 r18? why is it there is no mention of this size in this thread? are there any issues in putting that size?
              Thanks in advance for any inputs.


              • Hi 19vince19 did you ever try 265/70 18?