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Pirelli Scorpion 265/70 R17

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  • Pirelli Scorpion 265/70 R17

    Newbie questions... would appreciate thoughts here.

    Context - Car is used mostly in the city but we are getting away few times a years camping (gravel, off roads etc) and a bit of sand driving. Am planning a Fraser Island trip next summer.

    I have factory fitted Dunlop AT20 265/65 R17 and need to change this year, have done 50k on these.

    1. I was thinking of Pirelli Scorpion 265/70 R17 as a good tyre to fit my car profile. Seems to be a good all rounder. Will it handle Fraser Island sands?
    2. This might be a silly question but my spare Dunlop is unused; would you buy 5 Pirellis and get rid of the unused spare or would you keep the Dunlop as an emergency and save money on buying just 4 tyres? Apart from the obvious risk of running on a different tyre profile in case of emergency, is there something else here that is important?


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    I would buy 5 and keep the Dunlop as a spare or sell it.
    how old is it as they age as well, look for a little stamp on the tyre eg 0814. Means week 8 year 2014

    with your new tyres make sure to do a 5wheel rotation. This extends the life as the mileage is shared to 5 tyres not just 4.

    And you will not end up with a new old tyre.

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      Hey Mariusz - I had Pirelli Scorpions on my Nissan Pathfinder and they were fantastic! I switched them to Cooper AT3's and regretted it. We actually did Fraser on the Pirelli's as well as Stockton Beach and they were great on the sand.
      Also agree with Mike that you should replace all 5 since you're going completely different tyres.
      Good luck with your purchase!


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        Originally posted by Mariusz View Post
        buy 5 Pirellis and get rid of the unused spare
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          I've done Fraser on dunlop AT20's. Not an issue. Drove around a bogged Navara with BFG KO2's. Being successful on sand requires smooth driving and momentum. Don't worry about an aggressive tread, its all about the footprint. You'll be fine on scorpions with correct technique and lower pressures.
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            I purchased 5 LT 265/70/17 P Scorpions prior to doing Cape York in 2015. They’ve done Fraser a few times and just completed 4500kms around Western Qld. Never had an issue. Do the 5 wheel rotation and you should get around 80,000 kms. Mine have done 60 k so far and still have 8mm of tread. Cheers


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              Love the Scorpion ATR's, been giving them a lot of abuse in the snow, sand and bush and they are a fantastic tyre. What i love too is they rarely sling rocks, where my Duelers before were terrible for this and put stack of stone chips in the boat.

              For your application the Scorpions are a great match.
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                I believe they now have the Pirelli Scorpions All Terrain Plus, which look chunkier. What impresses me about them is the reports of them being great in the wet. I was looking at the BFG KO2's but was put off by reports of issues with cornering and road grip. I had MT's on my old landcruiser 100 series (Baja ATP3) and though they were great, the price of getting 5 MT's puts me off.


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                  I put these on to replace the KO2s. The BFGs were fine and no balance issues that Piggy has seen but at around 60,000km they became hard like the old ones and very slippery in the wet.

                  We do a few trips out to Western Q on dirt and gravel roads, a few beach trips and the rest is tarmac use. The Hankook Dynapros were an option, my son is running them on his 80 but I think they would be a bit much for our needs, good tyre though.

                  I had Scorpion ATRs previously and they were fine too, I went to the KO2 for the more aggressive tread pattern and stiffer side walls for some trips.

                  The ATR Pluses are still quite new only 5,000km or so. Very quiet. I now hear the solar panel wind noise. Exceptionally good in the wet. And they bag beautifully. I dropped the Prado to 25 pissies and the Tvan (KO2) to 20. The ATR Pluses bagged more. So a softer sidewall but I havent noticed any downside at road pressures. Still firm on the road. Very happy at this early stage. Will see how they cope on gravel and corregations next year.
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