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18” BFG K02 tyres

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  • 18” BFG K02 tyres

    I need some help concerning tyres...

    Boring , I know. Sorry. I have read many tyre size posts an am still unsure what will work for me:

    I live in QLD and I have a 2011 Prado Kakadu with no lift on factory mags and want to go to a more aggressive tyre preferably larger than the standard 265/60R18 tyres without going down to a 17 wheel. I know I can legally go up 50mm in overall diameter (up to 825mm but an extra 4mm is ok by me).

    I want to run the BFG K02s. Vehicle will be used as a daily driver on the school run with occasional off road trips and touring holidays.

    Factory size and overall diameter:
    265/60R18 119S. 775mm

    Sizes I am interested in:
    LT 265/65R18 122/119R. 801mm
    265/65R18 117-114R. 801mm
    265/70R18 124R. 829mm
    275/65R18 123/120R. 816mm
    285/60R18 118/115S. 799mm
    285/65R18 125R. 827mm

    Which of these 18 size tyres fit with no rubbing, scrubbing etc?

    I have always used LT tyres on my 4wds in the past (Hilux, 80 Series, 100 Series and FJ Cruiser) but in an 18 rim size I can only see the LT 265/65R18 122/119R. The remainder are listed as an Off-Road tyre whatever that means. Would this be an issue?

    Any and all help/advice much appreciated!
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