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Tyre Residue???

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  • Tyre Residue???

    I am curious how many of the members here have experienced similar issues with their exposed Spare Tyres leaving stains on the rear of their vehicles?
    This is the second new Prado I have owned and whilst the issue wasn't this bad on my previous model fitted with Cooper AT3 my newest 2018 model fitted with BFG KO2 is driving me insane with the amount of residue coming out of them... I have since swapped one of the rotating tyres with my spare (3000ks of road travel) and it is still occurring after rainfall?! I have to cut and polish the affected area to remove the stain and have taken paint off the bumper as a result
    Michelin informed me they have never heard or seen this happen before and sent me up a brand new tyre(different batch) to fit as a trial to determine if its something I have done to their product. Within a week it had leached the same stuff all over the car and is now off.
    I have now reattached the plastic spare outer cover over the tyre to stop it from happening.
    Michelin contacted me today and continue to say it is contamination by me which is causing the issue and it is an isolated case which they still have never heard or seen before??!! Oddly they are offering a full store credit for my purchase of their tyres but are encouraging me choose tyres from another manufacturer to refit
    I would love to hear from any other owners who've had a similar experience so I can provide evidence I am not the only one.
    Here's some photos of the staining

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    Never seen it before.. But it looks like Tar leaching off of the used tyres.
    I note you don't appear to have a spacer block behind the Tyre mount to the door. This is normally done with a 265/70 tyre as it is too close to the door which can cause paint damage from stones and sticks getting behind and rubbing.
    I'd say it is also putting the tyre closer to the paint, which may be why the tar? appears to be leaching down onto the paint.

    Michelin probably saw you as one of those customers and would rather give you a credit to move you to another manufacturer to be rid of you.. Simply if it is Tar leaching which it appears to be, you'll likely never be rid of it unless you drive on dirt roads only.


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      Yes it also happens to mine. I have BFG KO2's and every now and then mine does it - though not nearly to the extent of your photos. As time goes on I see it less and less.

      I thought it was a tyre issue also and just lived with it but it must be something else if you've had it on more than one Prado and tyre brand.

      I also have removed the plastic backing and made a spacer for the 265x70 but on the 150 there is more clearance than the 120 so I didnt need the spacer.

      Starting to think this reside is being release only after the plastic backing trim is removed from the back door.
      I'd be interested to see if many other 150's also do this and whether they have also removed the plastic trim or not...


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        Yup same problem here even with the factory rim and tyre.

        its painful to clean even a clay bar does not clean it completely

        best bet first claybar then try and polish out then use good wax after polish to make it easier to clean next time

        now have have a cooper STMaxx on there and yet to see any leaching but Iíll be keeping an eye on it and probably get driftr to make up a canvas cover


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          Thanks for feedback, itís good to know I am not alone on this.
          Whilst the issue doesnít seem to be related to any particular tyre manufacturer I find it interesting that I am ďapparentlyĒ the first person to raise this issue directly with Michelin? I donít want the tyres replaced, I just want my new car looking like how it was before their tyres went on.
          As far as the spacer goes, the black bracket has been spaced out from my rear door so as it does not contact the paint at any point.
          thanks for the replies
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            Is someone putting a tyre shine or similar on the tyre?
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              Originally posted by LeighW View Post
              Is someone putting a tyre shine or similar on the tyre?
              In my case, no.

              I always thought the detergent (and occasionally CT18) was somehow reacting with the rubber and maybe it was initially but it rarely happens anymore to mine.

              2008 GXL D4D Auto. GOING... GOING... GONE
              2015 GXL 1GD Auto. And it begins again...


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                Yup, happened to notice the same today following the rain we had overnight and today. Brand new tyre (MIckey Tís).


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                  How old are they and how often have they had a 'wash'?
                  All new tyres come with some level of the mould release compound still on them. Could it be that? I'd expect that to all wash off after 2 or 3 washes though.



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                    Hi Ant,
                    The only wash they had was from the tyre fitters to remove the original blue film on the lettering.
                    After I noticed the residue I removed the wheel and washed it with warm soapy water and used my Karcher pressure spray to rinse.
                    I also used a degreasing agent and smothered the tyre before washing it down again with the Karcher.
                    After refitting it to the rear it made little difference and continued to leave marks each time we had rain.
                    When I mentioned the “mould release agent” to the Michelin Agent he said there was no such thing and the rubber used in the tyre is fully sealed...
                    The tyres have now travelled 5000 km’s and I have managed to squeeze the plastic cover back over it.
                    I may try to keep the cover off at 10,000 km after they get rotated.
                    see what happens


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                      yes indeed, happened to mine as well. I used fine cut n polish wax to remove the stains from the paint.
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