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  • Rim offset verification

    I have 2016 GXL and checked spare to verify rim offset as i am buying a 2nd spare. Toyota site indicates offset is ET25. I couldn't find "ET 25" marked on back of my rim - instead it shows "AQK 25" and a collection of other codes. See pic. I presume this means the same thing??? Can anybody confirm that? Thnx. Frank

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    I can really see the photo very clearly.

    The standard factory offset for the Gxl is +25. Just be careful you donít pick up a gx wheel as they are a narrow rim then the Gxl but look very similar.


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      Wrong Brendos. The GX rims were narrower further back [2014?] but by 2016 they were identical to the GXL wheels. My second spare for a 2016 GX is a steel wheel off a late 120 GX with nuts to suit. Offset slightly different but having a second spare that you MAY need to get you out of the middle of nowhere hopefully means you wont need it [ fingers crossed]. So the real answer is that any alloy 150 wheel will fit.