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    Hi All,

    I'm looking at replacing my factory tyres with a set of LT tyres for some trips next year. I came across Maxxis AT881. I've never used Maxxis tyres before. Those of you who have, can you please share your experience. The 265 65 R17 come with a 3 ply sidewall for around $260 a tyre so pretty good for price and sidewall strength. Not sure about handling and quality.

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    I'm having a hard look at these as well so would appreciate finding out how well they balance and how they perform on an off road. Also looking at Open Country A/T III.

    I've got a pod trailer fitted with Prado wheels. It is pretty light even when fully loaded so I'm wondering how it will go with a 3 ply side wall. It is currently fitted with AT20s at 20psi and they barely bulge.

    gxl_d4d You might want to change your title to AT811 so readers find your post.
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