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Bullbar mounting brackets

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  • Bullbar mounting brackets

    Hi all...
    I just bought a secondhand bullbar (pictured) that came with no mounting brackets. (hope I did the right thing)

    My questions are..
    -I dont suppose anyone has a source for the brackets, or even a template so I can easily make em myself.
    -What is the thickness of the bracket. If I make em I'd guess 6mm steel would be sufficient?
    -I have fog lamps on the bumper, Do I just wrap up the wires? of use em to fit diving lights (though, the switch function isn't how I'd like, I'd want it)

    Newby Prado owner here, but all help appreciated!

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    G'day and welcome to the forum.

    Have you checked how much genuine brackets would cost? (sorry I can't assist with dimensions as mine's an aftermarket steel)

    My fog light wires are just tied up and hanging. I used to have alternatives lights connected but took them off as I didn't need them.
    glen_ep - engineered, 4" lift, 33" 255/85R16, lockers, 4.88 ratios


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      thanks Glen,
      sorry for the slow reply, I've been away.
      Yeah I tried the Toyota dealer, no joy... too old a model.

      I don't mind coughing up for genuine ones if I could find em, but it seems they are a bit rare. I've tried a few wreckers of here in WA and they all told me the same thing. So that's why I'm going down this path.


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        Hi Monsta, i realise this is an old thread but how did you get around the mounting bracket issue?

        After hitting a roo and bending the bull bar in (same alloy one as yours), one of my mounts is also bent and im struggling to straighten it out. Considering buying or having it remade, but im pretty remote so either option may be a hassle.


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