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Hilux 06 Bullbar Fitting to a 90 Series

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  • Hilux 06 Bullbar Fitting to a 90 Series

    Hi all,

    First post in a while.

    I have inherited a Hilux Factory Bullbar from a 2006 model. They look very much like an ARB bar to the point I would say they are re-badged as a Toyota factory bar.

    Have seen whispers that the brackets can be modified or mounting brackets purchased for the 90 to suit and it will only happen with a 05-07 Hilux factory bar to a 90 series. Would be great if it does work, cheap solution for me.

    Anyone got any positive input? Anyone done this mod before?

    Its a non-airbag model so the bar is fine.

    Cheers, Al
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    Hope the mod went well- I'd be interested to know too. Not much activity in this forum I see!


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