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Looking for integrated GPS/reverse camera/cd player to replace 90 series tape/cd unit.

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  • Looking for integrated GPS/reverse camera/cd player to replace 90 series tape/cd unit.

    I recently bought a 2001 Prado and would like to replace the factory CD/tape unit with something that has GPS and a reverse camera screen built in. Something that slots straight into where the original CD/tape unit sits is what I'm after, but despite searching the net and threads on this forum haven't really been able to find anything that fits the bill. Can anyone recommend something. Reverse sensor capability would be good too.

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    If you haven't found one yet check out the VMS units as they have one that has all the requirements your after.


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      That looks like a good buy , just the price tag! , but i must say its got a lot to offer , with off road maps as well ... there are cheapos to buy on ebay but not so sure how good they are . i may buy one soon and see if they are any good .

      here is one


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        My car has a DVD player, reverse camera and such. No GPS. I think it would be a pain to use as GPS as the screen is quite low and ALWAYS seems to have the wrong sun angle.
        As a reverse camera it's simply a quick check to see if there's anyone close, no way could you do a complicated reverse park, mirrors are for that.
        If you're looking to buy a maps system, see if you can do test runs with mates or similar.
        I know my Supacentre VMS is a joke, I'd never recommend one.
        Mudmaps on your smart phone is 1,000,000 times faster but will cost you some $$$.
        I don't know how that unit is actuated but my VMS needs a sharp finger nail to navigate around the map.
        Would be a nightmare using in a fixed installation style with the car bouncing around.
        Even using the touch screen on my unit is tricky when driving. Half the time I miss and next thing the USB stick is playing songs.