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90 Recovery Points

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  • 90 Recovery Points

    I'm probably covering old ground here, but I'm looking at what options there are for front end recovery point for my 97 GXL. I've got the standard Alloy bar, and I was thinking of a 4.5T hook but I can't see where it would mount up.

    I'm sure it's been done, any help would be great.


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    I'm not sure how the standard alloy bar mounts up, but the tow hooks from auto stores will bolt up in place of the existing factory hold down hooks on the chassis. The Bolts supplied with the tow hooks are the wrong thread pitch so use the existing bolts or get some new high grade bolts. Be aware the hooks can and do straighten during a hard snatch, so you should always have two at the front and use an equaliser strap to spread the load between them during a recovery snatch.
    I've also seen recently that people have been buying recovery points to suit 80 series and elongating the 2nd hole to match the hole centres in the chassis.


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      Brett Mitchell has knocked a few sets up for 90 series. He doesn't advertise though as people can get a bit silly about it. Find him on FB or here. Can't remember his username here though.

      04 Silver Diesel GXL with lots of stuff


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        80 series recovery points work well on the 90/95