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Doors rattle/vibrate when driving on bumpy roads

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  • Doors rattle/vibrate when driving on bumpy roads

    Hey, not sure if anyone still hangs here anymore?

    I am giving my old girl a bit of a birthday at the moment fixing all the little problems and giving it a good tidy up. Next on the list is fixing all the rattles. When driving along bumpy roads (which is basically every road in South Australia :/ ), the doors (especially the passenger door) rattle as if they're loose. The rattle seems to be coming from the latch. The hinges are tight. There is no movement in any of the doors. What do I need to do/adjust/replace to stop this? Seals seem fine. Doors sound good when they're closed. Latches all look in ok condition (I guess?) Any suggestions welcome!

    Cheers, Sam

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    likely wear in the lock mechanism.


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      Hi Piggy, yep, thats what it was. Sorry should have come back here to update. I asked the question in a few forums as I didnt expect a reply here.

      The D shaped catch on the door pillar was worn (see pic). Ive rotated the drivers door and passenger doors catches and that seems to have gotten rid of the worst of the vibrating. Cheers mate!
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