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Seat Belt tension

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  • Seat Belt tension

    Hi All,

    Has anyone had any problems with the front seat belts not retracting properly on a 2001 model 8 seater?

    Both the front drivers and passengers belts retract very slowly and need to be straightened out and "helped"
    to make them retract fully.

    It's not a major issue but if I don't make sure they retract fully the buckle gets caught in the door.

    Is there any way to increase the tension on the winder or could it be a lubrication issue?

    Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks Heaps

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    Re: Seat Belt tension

    Yes, I have this problem with both front belts.

    Hmmm... What to do.....
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      Re: Seat Belt tension

      +1 for having the same problem.

      I mainly notice it on the driver seat belt :lol: :roll: :mrgreen: :wink: 8)
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        Re: Seat Belt tension

        Get some hot soapy water (washing up liquid will do) and a rag and give the belts a good clean. 9 out of 10 times this fixes the problem. Make sure you clean the whole length of the belt and make sure you dry them as much as you can with a dry rag when done.
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          Re: Seat Belt tension

          Same problem, need to assist them back into their home
          Michael and Kelly

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            A good clean of belts as advised and a blow out of retractor mechanism with compressed air (I would carefully use a cleaning fluid (brake cleaner) too but be careful there is no residue as it will gum up roller mechanism and make your problem worse)


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              Mine is blessed with seat belt impotance as well! They are pretty grubby though so maybe I'll try that first. Thanks for the tip.


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                After cleaning the belt and letting it dry, try some silicon spray on the webbing and guide slots where it runs through.
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