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Brake Caliper ABS Problem

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  • Brake Caliper ABS Problem

    Hi All,

    I have a problem with my front right caliper which only happens when the ABS functions.

    [1997 90 series 1kzte]

    The ABS light only lights up for a few seconds on start up and goes off which I guess its normal.

    When the ABS kicks in, it works as it should and does not let the wheels lock up.. the problem is when I release the brake pedal 1 caliper (right front) does not release the pressure and the caliper locks, vehicle will not be able to move... It will release the pressure if I pump the pedal for some time but i'm sure its not normal.

    Could this be a problem from old brake lines? or maybe oil fluid? For now i disabled the ABS my removing the fuse.


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    Maybe have a look at the calliper pins and check for corrosion. Sand back and apply antiseize.
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      If you made the problem go away by pulling the ABS fuse it's got nothing to do with the caliper.
      It would be faulty ABS unit, wheel speed sensor or Traction control unit.
      My old beast has none of this stuff and was the reason I bought it.