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90 Series Front Axle Bushes

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  • 90 Series Front Axle Bushes

    Has anyone replaced the front axle bushes in a 90 series? Can the front mounting bushes be replaced or do you have to replace the mounting brackets and bushes as one unit? What about the rear bush/mount? If the bushes can be replaced do you need a 10/20t hydraulic press for this or can they be done some other way?

    Prado 150D (2017) & Prado 90 V6 3.4L (1997)

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    If you're referring to the front upper and lower control arm bushes then yes they can be replaced. Toyota, nolathene, super pro etc all do replacements. You'll probably need a press. I've seen YT vids of people using jacks etc but I just took the arms and the new bush kit to the shop and they put them in for me.
    The rears you can do yourself without a press.
    Prado 95, not quite original!


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      Anyone? I could not find the Front differential mounting brackets so I replaced the just bushing with a generic one..
      Until I come across another solution.


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        Front upper and lower control arm bushes are a replaceable item.
        i think the diff rubber mounts come as an assembly, bush with mount bracket as a unit.