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Fix for clutch pedal not returning/ hard operation

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  • Fix for clutch pedal not returning/ hard operation

    2001 Turbo Deisel
    Yesterday arvo the clutch pedal felt stiff to operate, then it started getting stuck to the floor. This morning I went to Repco and bought a new Slave cylinder and Master cylinder for the clutch release/engagement. They were genuine parts- Aisin. The clutch fluid was filthy, must've been over looked by the previous owner so changed that with some new DOT3 while I was at it. I also bought a new suction pump to drain out the reservoir and a little magnetic bleed bottle kit to bleed the new fluid through the system. Came to $350 with the Repco RACV member 30% discount. I don't think it was too bad for genuine parts, off the shelf, no waiting for eBay delivery. Any way made for a relaxing Sunday arvo. Working really nicely now touch wood!
    The new one vs the old one. There is a gasket on the flange to the firewall which I reused just neatly put some black silicon between each surface. Need to unscrew the pedal tang or whatever its called to get it off/on I like using the Ko-ken lockon 3/8 sockets. They have a spring in them which holds the nut in place so it doesn't drop out and get lost or fall somewhere it shouldn't. Sure you could put grease in there or use a magnetic socket but  i think these are better. Made it really easy to get the nuts off the master cylinder  retaining bolts on the firewall. I love these as well- this is a 1/4 drive crows foot 10mm ring/open end or pipe socket call it what you like but it makes access really easy to places like the hydraulic fitting on the master cyl. where a pipe spanner I found did't really fit. Stahlwille make the best ones I think. They really grip nuts even when you can't quite get onto them in really hard spots and seem to break the nuts or tighten them just so nicely.
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    What brand of crows foot spanner is that you are using? I need to get some better ones.


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      That is Stahlwille. They are my favourite. What are you using now? I like these ones because they are 12 point, and they go around like a flare nut spanner rather than just an open ender; more positions.


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        I have a set of cheap ones with a couple of S&K for 10/12/17mm. Tend to buy them as I find a need, but it appears they can be more useful than flare spanners, I hadn't thought of using them there.


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          These are my flare nut/crows foot arsenal. I find good ones are worth it for hydraulic lines whether it be A/C, brakes, or whatever. Quite proud of the spanners!
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