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New CV's noisy?

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  • New CV's noisy?

    I had the CV's replaced on my vehicle a couple of months ago prior to heading to the Kennedy Ranges. Initially I just wanted the boots replaced as they were all cracked and starting to split. My mechanic suggested new CVs instead of new boots as he could install all new ones at a really good price. After assurances they were decent quality I had them installed and headed off.

    The old girl is a bit noisy inside, particularly when loaded up with gear so I didn't really notice anything until I got home, but now there is a real loud hum or whine apparent when driving around the suburbs and its starting to get real annoying. It sounds like a transmission whine but it seems rather coincidental that it also corresponds with the CV's being changed.

    So my question is, is it likely to have anything to do with the new CV's or is it something more sinister - I wouldn't have thought CV's would cause a whine? A week before the CV's were installed I went from worn out KM2s to brand new KO2s so I was expecting things to have been a bit quieter, not noisier.

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    did they do the wheel bearings up tight enough or maybe do the wheel bearings now ? From memory when I was about to do my cvs and didn't have a 35mm socket I said to my mate ill get the tyre mob 5k's down the road to crack the cvs as I was getting tyres the day before he said don't it'll f**k the wheel bearings
    Is it front wheel bearings ?


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      See if you can remove tyre noise from the equation first.
      Next would be wheel bearing noise.
      If the mechanic over tightened the axle nut, it will kill the wheel bearings in nothing flat. (Mine went in 500k)
      I'd back off the axle nut, tighten it just a touch and go for a drive to see if the noise has altered in pitch or gone completely.
      The other item is the seals which work on two faces, so they need a really good grease before installing the new CV shafts.
      Then make the decision. If the bearings have been run too tight, they're rooted. Sad story.
      Seals can be accessed by backing off the axle nut and pushing the axle back through enough to load grease onto the surfaces.