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  • Odd noise

    Good day All

    I recently to delivery of my new to, a 2001 VZJ95 automatic Prado in startling condition, she really is a visual beauty. On the drive home about 200km I noticed an odd noise every time I get off the power. As the vehicle slows down to around 80kph and below there is a whine, very similar to the whine/drone of aggressive tyres on tar. There is also a slight vibration, more of a buzz really if that makes any sense. Other than that she performs absolutely spot on shifting smooth as silk both up and down.

    Any insight as to what it might be would be gratefully appreciated.

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    How many km has your Prado done @MikeSH?

    Even at 80km/h you should be in 4th gear, I think my VZJ95R auto (3.4L petrol) goes into 4th at about 70km/h.

    Maybe something to do with torque converter lockup, if you come off the throttle at this speed the lockup will immediately disengage and the engine RPM will fall. But if you go back on the converter locks up again. Have not noticed anything like the buzz you describe though.

    Maybe an ATF flush if you haven't done it already, could just be old fluid.


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      Hi RedAdventureWagon thank you for the feedback.

      Ok so the Prado has only done 70000km (believe it or not) and was standing under cover unused for an extended period. She was last serviced in April of this year at 67000 when the PO decided to sell however only the basic service was done. Engine oil and fuel, oil and air filters. The transmission was not touched. I will take your advice and do an ATF flush and see if that makes any difference.

      What ATF fluid would you recommend?


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        MikeSH I have used Penrite ATF MHP ( which is compatible with the Dexron-III required by these transmissions (A343F, which you can check on the metal manufacturers plate just under the bonnet on the drivers side of the firewall. This has worked fine for me for top-ups as well as extra required after a leak. Seems to work fine on my auto trans. Mine has one 380,000km but has been rebuilt once.

        If that's no go still you can read automatic transmission fault codes by shorting pins and counting flashes of the AT Oil Temp light though (I would expect) if it found a fault the CEL or AT Oil Temp light would be on or flashing.

        70,000 is nothing for a Prado so hopefully it's just old fluid in your case. Might want to check the radiator fluid (cold of course) and make sure you don't have any sign of pink milkshake going on (where the ATF and coolant have mixed due to a failed radiator).