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Some Prado Electrical Dramas (warning lights + alternator?)

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    Quite often itís easier just to buy a new alternator, that way youíre good for another 200,000-250,000km. Theyíre cheap on EBay. And to put the mistruths to bed about how far you can drive until your battery dies when youíve got a dead alternator. It all depends on the condition of your cranking battery, ie how new/old it is. My alternator died in my 90 series years ago and my battery went dead at Carnarvon Gorge. Luckily my battery was under 3 months old. I fully charged it the next morning via 200amp jumper cables hooked up to my friendís car and let it charge for 1hr, then drove the 820km home in a single day with him following me in case we needed a recharge. We put the windows down and used no other electrics during the drive. The windows stayed down, stereo & aircon stayed off. So that puts a few myths to bed.
    2006 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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      As a thought mate, have you checked the fuse in the engine bay fuse box marked Alt-S? Itís a brown 7.5Amp fuse. This basically tells the alternator when to charge and when not to charge. Depending upon what happened when the alternator threw in the towel... it may have blown that fuse.