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dual batery and wiring set up

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  • dual batery and wiring set up

    hey people , i have installed a second battery to the prado 1999 model v6 . as im pretty good with mechanics , but not so good with wiring. . so i took it to the auto electrician and he gave me a price of 470 bucks , to fit an isolator switch. . he said you can use the other battery but when it gets low it will stop but keep enough charge to start the car . ? i dont know how that works.
    so i though i may ask if its not so hard to DIY. the issue. I think he mentioned that isolator he would install is worth $180 alone. cuz the models at super cheap or auto barn burn out!!! so he says...

    so the isolator i thought would go between positives on the positive battary line . negative simply goes to the block would that be right . and also if some one would be so kind to let me know what they have fitted and simply(repeat) simply explain set up. cheers in advance , much appreciated.

    ive been scratching my head wondering why the quote is so high with a simple set up ... am i totally wrong???? or am i in a ''prado im lost moment''.

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    Hi Tonz.

    I have one of these installed -

    You will notice the manual on the site. It will tell you everything you need to know about how to install and use it.

    Searching for a Smart Start SBI 12V? We have a wide range of dual battery isolators online. Shop at REDARC today.
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      thanks Corigator , thats given me the heads up on what i was after. i chose a cheaper version to try for now . we'll see how it goes. cheers.


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        a friend gave me a baxter isolater. i bought some cables and followed the simple instructions. but looking at my multi meter , the auxiliary battery isnt charging. Im wondering how it chargers.

        Should it be charging continuously like the other battery or should it charge one and switch over to charge the other . or should it be charging both at the same time .

        Got a feeling the isolater is buggered . what do you think?


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          If it is a basic isolator it should connect the aux to the mains pretty much as soon as the engines started.
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            thats what i thought , it should show charging strait away. ... oh well it was worth to try it ,at least leads are all ready for a new one.