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  • Terminal block

    Anybody know where I can get this type of terminal block. I think the brand is "Sidewinder".
    The cap has two approx 5mm screws/nuts under it to take positive lugs which are part of my dual battery setup. When I lifted the cap, the brittle plastic broke.
    I have tried Supercheap, Jaycar and Every battery without success.
    Thanks. Frank.

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    It looks like itís the protective cover from your auto reset circuit breaker. In which case, theyíre all very very similar in size (within a mm) and I often swap covers over from different ones.

    (Iím an auto electrician and deal with these on a regular basis.


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      It's an elcheapo ABR Sidewinder, search the net and you'll find him.
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        Thnx guys. Got it now. Did try last night but couldn't pin it down.