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Dual Battery in the engine bay

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  • Dual Battery in the engine bay

    Hey, I drive a 2000 VX Prado 95 series VZJ95R with a V6 3.4L Petrol and im looking to install a dual battery system in the engine bay. I dont want to install it in the rear of the car as id like to keep as much of that area as i can for storage and camping gear.

    Has anyone out there got any pictures or tips on how they installed a dual battery in the engine bay and what you moved to where and how? Im really surprised there isnt more info on this out there. Havent been able to find anything at the moment.


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    A lot of work, you need to move many complicated things. Much easier to put in rear as I did. That is why you isn't more info out there about this, virtually no-one did/does it.
    Michael and Kelly

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      I've researched it and most seem to remove or relocate the vapour canister and put it there. When I get round to this job I'll either make a removable battery box or fit 2 smaller batteries under the front seats.


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        When I had my 90 I had dual batteries side by side. The auxiliary battery I used was small, it was a 38AH Century lead acid battery for $165. A special o’night order through Battery World. It powered my 50L fridge when camping. Was all good so long as I hooked up solar first thing the next morning or drove the car by mid morning the next day. It was running the battery lower than 50% depletion quite often so only lasted 2yrs on average before it’d begin causing the fridge to cut in & out early hours of the morning before sun up.
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          I have 2 Yuasa NP1812 in my camper for lighting and charging devices. These last fine for this for ages but we have a gas fridge.


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            My son needs to fix the battery situation in my 90 series 3400 V6 which I bought in 1997. Wet batteries are not so rugged for the front. AGM is what is required. IMO a battery box for a rear battery is the cheapest way to go, with a voltage regulator to turn off the flow of battery out of the front AGM when the power gets low. I intend to replace the factory standard plastic battery tray with a longer metal one, which will extend the length of the battery and still provide support to the base of the front duel usage battery. The top of the front battery clamps will allow the battery tray to support the bottom of the battery. I think I'll epoxy glue a a longer battery tray of thick metal, so that the bottom of the front battery will be supported. For the front dual purpose battery (start and provide some power to the rear) I'll put in something like at decent quality dual AGM battery of around 100 AH. And wire that battery with an isolator to stop the flow from the starter battery to the rear if the front battery's voltage drops. In the battery box (they can be quite cheap for instant 4WDsupercentre sell them for $60 with a few outlets on them. Inside I'll put (or my son will actually) for another AGM, but a deep cycle one.

            I think the extra weight up front and the lack of strength and mounting points in the front is not a benefit to having a second battery in the front. Plus also ma many deep cycle batteries won't like the heat of the engine.

            The issue for me is I don't know how to alter the current of the alternator so that it will properly charge an AGM, there used to be kits for doing so on the 3400 V6 motors, but it seems they are not common anymore?? I have used Optima yellowtops for years in the Prado 1997 V6 petrol but I have probably lowered their life due to not changing the alternator charge current?
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