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2000 VZJ95R Prado 3.4 Petrol/LPG

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  • 2000 VZJ95R Prado 3.4 Petrol/LPG

    Hi Guys,
    I'm new here and would like to ask a question. What would cause this issue ?

    I was driving along and came to a stop at some traffic lights, Prado was using LPG and when i took off got to about 2000RPM and heard a bang (like a misfire) so absolutely crapped my pants and slowed down abit then accelerated again then bang at 2000RPM so i pulled over popped the hood and pulled the accelerator cable sure enough the Air Cleaner Lid had blown off and the inside broke out of it and the intake pipe blew out of the clamp. At this stage i have turned off the LPG and put it back on Petrol and it seemed to idle fine but when i drove off it now has a shudder in the engine. Any ideas please ???

    cheers Mick.
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