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90 Series Prado - Loss of power under load.

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    I have the same issue but when I put it in cruise control the issue goes away and the car drops gears no problem going up hill to
    produce the right power for the hill


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      I had the same issue especially whilst towing a 1 ton camper trailer with overdrive off. Heard this could be caused amongst other things by a dirty MAF sensor. I was sceptical but picked up a can. Tried it and seems to have made a fair improvement in my 381,000km 2000 VZJ95R. Improved low speed acceleration mainly.

      Also tried it in my 110,000 km 2010 atmo petrol car (Mitsubishi 4B11) but it seemed to make no noticable difference there.


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        Hi All

        Has anyone been able to track this problem down to a specific issue?

        I've got the same problem in a 99 Prado 210k on the clock.

        car almost dies to a crawl under load/ Towing or on a hill incline. straight surface no issue.

        Can the ERG Value be a culprit ?


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          Mines the same, brilliant around town but out on the highway and hit a hill and it dies. Everything's been replaced. Last thing I need to check is fuel pressures, both tanks do it though so I doubt that's it.


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            I didn't track down the cause for loss of power while towing with 2002 Prado 3.4. But I've noticed a significant and sustained improvement once I replaced coils (one was corroded) leads and plugs and gave MAF sensor a spray. I changed to single electrode iridium plugs (because I was sold on the sales pitch) but do not attribute any improvement there. Runs so smooth good acceleration.


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