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King Brown Exhaust System

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  • King Brown Exhaust System

    New on here but fairly familiar with the car had it 15 years hopefully someone can help. Anyone have any feedback on Pacemaker/King Brown exhaust system already have the extractors thinking of buying the king brown exhaust system. Replaced the main muffler a few years ago with sports muffler (straight through) helped top end but I think I lost a bit of low and mid torque and just to damn loud
    Cheers Dags

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    I just had a new system fitted on my 120. Pacemaker headers and the King Brown 2 1/2 inch stainless sports exhaust. They re-used the cats so that saved me $380 each. All up cost $2,240 fitted. $560 was labour. I canít say if Iíve gained or lost torque in the rev range, Iíd have to get it dynoíd for that. Overall Iím very happy with the system, no drone, sounds ok under load. The attached picture was my drivers side Pacemaker header after 5 years of use, and approximately 127,000kms. The new system has a 2 year warranty.
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      $575 for the 3.4 King Brown system y junction back, and about the same for the extractors And y junction (Pacemaker) Think I might order the system and see how it goes