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Sudden increased fuel consumption

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  • Sudden increased fuel consumption

    I recently cleaned my throttle body with cleaner and a bit of smoke came out the exhaust after starting up. I also used petrol injector cleaner in the previous 2 tanks. The first tank after cleaning the throttle body got about 100km less (about 420km instead of ~530km average), and the next tank is on track to use about the same. I have pulled apart the intake manifold and air hoses a couple times to make sure ive put them back together correctly.

    I havent done anything else recently to the car so I dont know what it could be.

    Any ideas?



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      My only thoughts are that if that was the first time youíve used injector cleaner, or the first time in a really long time, it may have dislodged some gunk buildup in your tanks or fuel lines and partially blocked the fuel filter(s). My only thoughts. The fuel filter under the car is easy & relatively cost effective to replace. The in-tank one is a bit more of a p.i.t.a to get to. Got to remove plastic moulded trims and pull the carpet back to expose screws and electrical pug connector. These would be my next step. Iíd be ignoring the throttle body cleaner as a cause if only the throttle body was sprayed with it. If you sprayed anything down the air filter part of the air intake it may have fouled up the MAF. If this has happened clean it throuroughly with MAF sensor cleaner only. I believe anything that may have ended up in the combustion chamber such as gunk or spray chemical, wouldíve been burned off and gotten rid of by high heat and extreme air pressure.

      And just to eliminate something else.... Your engine light isnít on is it or been on for sometime for an unrelated issue has it? Aged high km 90ís can suffer this prob, where the engine light illuminates permanently for unknown reasons causing increased fuel consumption by a litre or two per 100 on average.
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        Its not the first time, i would say i do it every 3-4 months which probbaly isnt enough but i wouldnt have thought that would be long enough for anything serious to build up. I did an oill/filter change and was also wondering if having the wrong oil in there would make the car work slightly harder? I have re-replaced the oil and filter yesterday so going to see if that makes a difference. If it doesnt then next job is the fuel filter.

        There has been no engine light or anything on and driving wise the car is running perfectly. Just loving to gobble up any fuel i put in there at the moment.