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Leaking thermostat housing

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  • Leaking thermostat housing

    hi all. I’m baffled. I replaced the thermostat and road tested no leaks no issues all good. Until the next morning after a short trip it leaking pretty bad. Got home nipped up the bolts and it stopped leaking. After a while went for short trip and it started leaking. Removed the thermostat checked everything was ok re-installed thermostat went for decent drive - no leak. Later same day went for short trip and again started leaking.
    please help. It doesn’t leak after install or when hot (so it seems) only when cold I think.

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    Just a check list I guess:
    Youve fitted the rubber 0 ring around the thermostat properly which acts as the seal?
    Not that it would be effecting this, but make sure the jiggle valve is in the 6 o’clock position, not 12 o’clock. At 6 o’clock the engine will run at 84 deg as opposed to 88-89 deg the other way.
    Youve torqued up the nuts properly and evenly to 20nm? Do each one a little at a time to ensure they’re all even & sharing the load evenly. If they’re not done up to equal spec then the heat expension can back out one or some of the fixings which can cause a hair line leak when everything cools down and the metal joins shrink a tiny amount.
    Not much else that can go wrong with it to cause a leak that I can think of.....

    If you ever replace a water pump one day as a DIY job be absolutely meticulous when it comes to torquing all the nuts & bolts holding it on. Work middle to outside one side at a time bit by bit until they’re all equally torqued to 20nm. Can cause probs later on if one or two are overtightened compared to the rest.
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    2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.