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  • Surging over 2.500RPM - HALPP

    Hello guys, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I just purchased a 1999 Prado Snowy 5VZ with 167ks on the clock and running dual fuel (LPG & Petrol).

    The story:
    The bloke i bought it off said it belonged to his uncle and it sat for about 10 years after he died. The guy bought it from his family and just used it on LPG to tow his jetski. I have a log book for it with services stamped but no receipts.

    The symptoms:
    When running on LPG, it runs and revs out fine. But on petrol, it's a different story. When on petrol, the car will idle ok when cold but when warm and sitting for a few minutes, it will get lumpy, like it was a cammed V8. When you start driving, it's fine up to about 2,000 RPM and a light foot but if you go past that and give it some throttle and it goes above 2-2,500 RPM it will surge like the car isn't getting enough fuel with the increased RPM. It'll throw you forward and back as if the car occasionally gets fuel and then combusts and then gets starved again. It's currently un-drivable in petrol mode but flick it back to LPG and it's fine...

    It's not throwing the Check Engine light

    My thoughts:

    Thinking the guy's story is true and he only ran it on LPG, i changed out the fuel filter for a new unit. It smelt like off fuel and had lots of particles/dirty fuel come out the end. I'm yet to break into it and see how bad it was inside.

    I also cleaned out the MAF with MAF Cleaner a number of times, filled the tank up with 98 and a high-quality injector cleaner.

    These changes made no real difference, perhaps slightly improved how it performed in petrol mode when cold but it's still the same when hot.

    Considering it runs fine on LPG, I'm ruling out plugs, leads and coils - thoughts?

    Fuel pump blocked? MAF faulty? Injectors clogged?

    What should i be checking? What systems/sensors only run on petrol and not LPG which would explain the stark differences?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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