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    Hi Guys, after an absence of a few years I'm back in the Prado club with a '98 VX Grande. She has 300 000km up but is in really good nick & the Auto feels almost new. I had a new timing-belt & shockers fitted, then added a light-bar, reversing-cam, reversing light & UHF radio. Roof-bars & basket have been on to check fitment & off again (noisy & affect fuel-economy). About the only thing left to fix is the right-front stereo speaker, which is U.S.. Got to work out if it's the speaker or the wiring.

    Anyway, she goes really well & not TOO heavy on fuel. Not as good as the GXL we used to have but that was a manual. So been thinking about some extractors & tossing the standard mufflers for a straight-through job. Problem is that a set of extractors for the 90 go for around $750.00 plus fitting, plus the muffler work. Twice as much as the same thing for a 120, which is frustrating. Same story for stuff like nudge-bars too, btw.

    So, thoughts on whether it's worth it? I'm thinking that the $ might be better put towards a rear-locker-diff, as the old LSD doesn't appear to be doing much atm.
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