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90 Prado, 1998, 2.7L 4cyl Fuel tank 65L

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  • 90 Prado, 1998, 2.7L 4cyl Fuel tank 65L

    Hey guys,
    I just bought 90 Prado, 1998, 2.7L 4cyl. I take look into manual book, and trough specification on internet and all of them says it should have 90L petrol tank. But it seems like mine have only 65L. Is it possible that it has factory 65L tank or was it modified?
    Thanks for answers.

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    If it is the same as the 3.4ltr you will have a sub tank also.
    Do you have a 2nd feul gauge to the left of the dash?
    If so you will have a main tank and a sub tank.
    If not, maybe you only have the one tank.
    1999 Prado VX Grande White on Silver 3.4Ltr Auto


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      The 2.7L 4cyl only has the single 90L tank, every other 90 series (V6 and TD) have the dual tanks. To the right of your stereo you will have a round analogue clock - in the dual tank models there is a small digital clock and subtank gauge in this round slot.

      I'd say that when your fuel gauge is reading empty you actually have a bit more petrol in there than the gauge is telling you, plus you often read about guys installing after market tanks who can't put in the litres that the tanks is rated at - air gaps etc, so real world capacity isn't quite the volume capacity of the tank, although factory tanks are usually pretty good.

      The 90L main tank is at the back of the Prado, this is what they take out to install LPG tanks, and the 69L subtank is towards the middle of the car on one side. Jump under and have a look, but the lack of the second gauge as CoreyTroy mentioned is the give away.




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        All right, thank You for answers. I do have only one tank. I asked guy that I bought car from and he said it is 90L but as u mentioned above fuel gauge shows almost empty and there is still 20L left in the tank... I will drive on a full tank and see how many km I can do, and how much I can fill in after it is completely empty.


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          I have the same Prado Halunek, 1 x 90L tank at the back, but i definately almost always can squish in 80+ litres if it's almost empty on the fuel gauge.

          Being a 99' model, i'd say it's lost a few killerwasps over the years, and the fuel useage nowadays runs about 14L/100, so about 500km per tank roughly FYI.

          [I]Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland[/I]
          1999 Toyota Landcruiser Prado RV 4cyl 2.7L Manual, Lifted 2-3" on Dobinson Springs & Shocks, Cooper STT Max Mud-Terrains in 235/85R16 all-round 32", Custom no Bullbar winch mount with Runva 11XP Winch, Black Sliders, 10000 Lumen, LED Lightbar


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            Justfound thisquestion. The 2.7 has all the fixing points to take the standard 59lt sub tank if you want more range. You can choose whether to plumb it to feed the engine or to feed the main tank - simpler - requiring the 3.4’s dual tank filler neck andtransfer pipe from pump to main tank. Same for the gauge from memory electrics might already be there.


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