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95 RHS Door Actuator

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  • 95 RHS Door Actuator

    Good evening all,

    First timer here from South africa
    Front driver door actuator motor packed up and ordered new motor as per another great post I've seen on here
    My problem is to get the damn thing out, have removed door panel and most stuff

    Really struggling with what seems the outer door handle? There is a brass/steel section, oval shaped almost, push it out?
    Also seems that there is a cable from the locking knob (normally on the trim) to the mechanism, struggling here

    Would super appreciate some help

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    Bump...really struggling! Haha


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      There is a brass clip holding the door lock in place from memory, the rods are held in place by a plastic clip that you need to rotate 90degrees away from the rod before itíll move away from the actuator.


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        Hello RanJ, thanks for the info. My problem was to loosen the plastic from the doorlock to the brass clip. I've undone the whole outer door handle and got it out. I have the next major issue. Which is tha the motor I ordered is not close to the one in the door actuator? FML


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          Ahhh, that, I canít help you with lol