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    I Just did a check on my fuel usage. A mixture of towing and general day to day use saw me covering 800 kilometers from both tanks (160 Liters). this gives me a total of 20 liters per 100 ks. Does this sound okay?

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    KZJ95 (1KZ) manual towing 2t poptop van at 90-95kmh in 4th gear (manual), usually average around 17L/100. I run 235/85 tyres so about 2300rpm at that speed. If you tow at higher speeds I would expect something around what you are getting. Don't tow in 5th if manual, you will use more fuel and [email protected]@rk your gearbox.


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      The worst my old 1998 petrol returned was 26l/100 and that was beach driving at high tide on Stockton Beach... With every accessory, and all the weight that brings... I was averaging around 16l/100 (auto gearbox) city and highway combined. Towing the 1500kg camper trailer I'd get up to 18 or 19l/100 but that was with a heavy right foot as well.
      Search on here for cleaning the MAF sensor as a start...
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        Petrol or diesel? total capacity is 160 litres (ok 159L) so did you run the tanks dry, if not how many litres did you actually fill up with?
        When my main tank low fuel light comes on it takes around 67-70 litres to fill, sub tank indicating empty takes around the 45-50 litres to fill.
        Possibly you used around 125 -130 litres for the 800 kms which is approx 16.2L/100km, I would expect that for a petrol 3.4 V6. My supercharged V6 returns consistently 15L/100km

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          Sorry its a 3.4 petrol, ran main tank dry and had about 15 liters left in sub tank but had to fill it before fuel prices jumped as usual by 25 cents. Van is 98 Coromal, quite heavy and on our trip had very strong head winds.


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            Probably not too bad. Our 3.4 manual towing 2.0 tonne boat on trips south of Sydney was always around 17-18 l/100 km. Never faster than 90 km/h. If your weight is much higher and driving faster, sounds about right.
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