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  • Steering Rack Replacement Help

    Hey Guys,

    As the topic suggests, I'm in need of a new Steering Rack (or a rebuild) for my Prado. The mechanic says the seals inside are busted and it's leaking so needs to be rebuilt.

    I just wanted to post up here and get some info/opinions on how I should go about this.

    Now I know I can either go a rebuild or a new/aftermarket Steering Rack.

    Here is where I am unsure.

    I've searched on eBay and there are a fair few aftermarket options on the cheaper side. Has anyone had any experience with these aftermarket racks? The two I was kind of looking at were $271.5 which seems a bit cheap to me... And another one for $495 (links for reference at the bottom) which seems a bit more reasonable although I don't know why (maybe because more expensive means better quality?). Has anyone had any experience or have any info on aftermarket racks?

    Also is it even worth it to go aftermarket or should I just get my current one (Original Part) rebuilt?
    Does anyone have any info on general pricing for rebuilds or know anyone around Sydney I could contact?

    Also just for reference I have a 1996 Toyota Prado, 1KZTE, KZJ95R (Japanese Import Model however I'm pretty sure its the same as the 2000 Aus version?)

    Any and all help appreciated.

    Links for the eBay parts:


    Thanks in advance you legends,


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    From my understanding mate, just about ALL of the new aftermarket units... are going to be rebuilds of some kind. My opinion would be to get your existing rack rebuilt locally or a changeover unit as local as possible. So youíve got someone to throw it at when something goes wrong.

    if youíre are not doing the swap yourself, best bet would be to get your mechanic to source the part for you. That way your warranty is all wrapped up in one. As an auto elec I can tell you itís FAR easier to deal with warranties and repairs when I supply everything.

    If you give me a part to install and something goes wrong, youíll bring it back to me under warranty (naturally) but if I find your product failed then Iím going to charge you the diagnosis time(maybe, depending on what I had to do) the removal and replacement of another one. Youíll have to deal with getting your supplier to replace it and so on and so forth.

    If I supply you the part and it fails... well then, itís all my headache isnít it? All you need to know is... when can I pick my car up?
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      For $229 a complete rack end to end is pretty hard to go past. Even if it only lasts 5 years.


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        That’s right Paul. Very difficult to get anyone to guarantee their work on a rebuild as the rack wears in the centre from many years of use.
        All the cheap stuff is the same made in China quality so if you go that way, get the best price.
        I’ve been using one for about 50,000k. Paid too much of course but you get that buying on eBay.


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