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Immobiliser fault

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  • Immobiliser fault

    Hi Iím looking at buying a 99 model rv Prado it starts and runs for about 4 seconds and then shuts off. Throwing code 99. Is it worth buying and fixing? Car seems cheap enough if it is fixable.

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    Hi, I have a 1999 UK spec KZJ95 1KZ-TE which I have had for the last 20 months. After I got it I had the occasional starting problem. The engine turned over but did not fire. After later attempts it would start with nothing apparently having been done. I think it works by inhibiting the injector pump. After a check for fault codes I got the code 99. After some considerable time I noticed that when this occurred I could remove the key and reinsert it after a couple of seconds and it would start OK. I (rightly or wrongly) put this down to the key being far enough from the ignition switch to force the immobiliser to reread the code. Anyway, I later reset the immobiliser and it does not seem to be a problem.

    My thoughts are that (assuming the one you are looking at is built the same way as mine which seems pretty likely) your issue could be reading the key which may mean the key RFID chip is wrong or faulty or the reader coil or wiring to it or the immobiliser itself which could be reset (it is attached to the metal cross-member behind the radio under foamy stuff and you need to undo a small plate & rivet to get to the switch).

    Furthermore, I did look into disabling the immobiliser and on these earlier ones it turns out that it is pretty easy. I did find out how on the net & can pretty much recall how to but have not felt the need but if my problem returns I will probably do it. It will stop the remote locking working at the same time if it is done though although cheap kits are available on ebay which I have had success with on another car. Andrew Saint Pierre White (and probably plenty of other people) recommend immobiliser disabling before going on long outback trips in case it plays up far from help.

    I am happy to dig around for further info at some point later if it helps but I really must go and do some other stuff now - only dropped into this site to look for some torque settings and stumbled across your post.


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      how did you reset the immobilizer ?