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Igntion problems

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  • Igntion problems

    Hi sorry if this has been asked before but go no idea what to do next someone tryed starting my prado with a screwed driver so got second hand barrel n key n the box for steering coloum but car wont start do i need to program something if so anytips on a fix would be great

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    There is a small chip inside the black/grey part of the old key that the immobiliser needs to talk to to allow the car to start.

    If you have the old key you can try holding the black/grey part close to the ignition barrel. If you have your new key in you should see the immobiliser flash lamp go out if you're successful.

    Longer term you need to extract the chip from the old key and put it in the new one, or you could cut the old key's metal part off and just glue it to the black bit of the new key


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      Thanks for the reply will give it a go today


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        I should have explained myself better here: you could cut the old key's metal part off and just glue it to the black bit of the new key

        What I actually meant was discard old key metal part and make your new key a 'double keyfob' key. Total hackery I know.


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          Try this registration process with the new key
          • Within 15 seconds, perform the following 3 steps:
          1. All doors closed. Key not in cylinder
          2. Insert already registered master key in the key cylinder
          3. Turn ignition switch from the LOCK to ON position 5 times
          • Within 20 seconds, Open and Close the driver's door 6 times
          • Within 10 seconds, remove the master key from the key cylinder.
          • Within 10 seconds, insert the key to be registered into the key cylinder
          • Keep the ignition switch at the ON position for 60 seconds or more
          • Remove key
          • Open and Close the driver's door once
          • End of procedure